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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Specification for pump application
To ensure we provide you with the right solution, please provide us with as much information as possible in the form below and then submit your inquiry. Thank you !

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This inquiry refers to our project:

Name / No.   Date

The pump system is intended for the following application:

Type of pump
We intend to use the following pump technique:

Peristaltic pump Gear pump Rotary piston pump Syringe pump
Flow rate          
Fixed flow rate Variable flow rate      
Min. flow rate    
Max. flow rate      
Pump channels        
Liquid 1 Liquid 2
Liquid 3 Liquid 4
Type of liquid        
Aqueous Viscous Corrosive Abrasive    
Acid Base Suspension Emulsion    
Particles in the medium      
Size Quantity
Shape Square        
No problem As low as possible Must be pulseless  
Tubing material          
Diameter (inside) Diameter (outside)
Wall thickness Expected tubing service life (hrs)
Sterilization Yes No By means of
Pump functions        
Continuous pumping        
Dispensing / Filling by volume   Volume
      Dispensing time
      Precision ±%
      Repeatability ±%
Dispensing at intervals   Pause
Drip-free dispensing (roller / piston stroke back-steps)    
Physical conditions        
Diff. pressure System pressure
Vacuum mbar Suction height
Temperature (Liquid) Viscosity Centipoise
Remote control        
Via analog interface Via RS232 Other
For following functions:        
Drive / Motor        
Max. speed RPM Voltage

More details about application:
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