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Thanks to batch-programming these pumps can be operated as stand-alone units for on the spot operation, independent of a PC

Stand-alone process operation. No need for a PC

ISMATEC's MCP Process dispensing pumps are ideal for safe dispensing and filling applications, especially in a dusty, humid, corrosive environment and in clean room areas. Individual, application based dispensing and pumping sequences can be programmed directly into a PC (batch-programming) and subsequently downloaded (via the RS232 interface) into one of the four program memories available on the pump drive. Similar to a simple PLC-type controller, the pump and its program will provide on the spot operation as stand-alone units and freely disconnected from the PC. This makes these ISMATEC pump drives extremely suitable for fluid processing requiring accuracy, hygienic conditions, crosslinkability, reliability and expandability. ISMATEC pumps and drives are suitable for applications and processes used in chemistry and biotechnology as well as the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.

The MCP Process dispensing pump's analog interface can respond appropriately to input signals obtained from level, pressure or temperature sensors. Example: Excessive, uncontrolled pressure increases (e.g. caused by clogged membrane filters) can be avoided by pre-setting a maximum pressure level, which is never exceeded due to an automatically controlled drive speed or flow rate.

The MCP Process drive housing is constructed of durable stainless steel and is completely dust-tight and able to protect the pump against water jets from all directions. This feature allows the pump drive to meet the IP 65 protection rating. Since the motor does not need a ventilator, no air interchange with the environment takes place, and drive and electronics are not exposed to corrosive gases or vapour.

ISMATEC's MCP Process pump models are available as tubing pump (MCP Process, 1µl/min to 3700 ml/min, up to 24 channels), gear pump (MCP-Z Process, 1 to 6540 ml/min) or ceramic rotary piston pump (MCP-CPF Process, 25µl/min to 2300 ml/min). All three-drive models are available with a variety of numerous interchangeable pump heads.


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