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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Cassettes with Pressure Lever

Cassettes with Pressure Lever

CA cassettes with pressure lever

How to operate the pressure lever:

• release the tubing from pressure by pushing the
pressure lever down

• start the pump and lift the pressure lever step by
step until the fluid is aspirated and a smooth
flow is achieved

• under certain circumstances (e.g. new tubing,
elevated differential pressure, etc.) we recommend
the user to lift the lever by just one more step

never over-tighten the pressure lever
Please note:

the setting of the pressure lever determines the

the optimum occlusion depends on tubing
inner diameter, wall thickness, age of
tubing, and application conditions

as a side-effect the occlusion setting also affects
flow rate
this, however, should not encourage the user to
use the
pressure lever for flow rate adjustments
because long-term behaviour is not predictable

if, however, the occlusion setting is used to adjust
the flow rate, the channel-to-channel flow rate
conformity may lead to good results in the
beginning of the operation, yet the individual flow
rates may increasingly diverge at a later stage

for an optimum long-term flow rate stability and
channel-to-channel conformity we suggest using
the Click'n'go cassettes

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