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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Click'n'go versus Pressure Lever Cassettes

Click'n'go Cassettes

Click'n'go Cassettes


• the Click'n'go cassette features an automatic
occlusion setting

• an incorrect adjustment of the pressure lever is
not possible

• a calibrated, fatigue-proof spring guarantees an
optimum, reproducible pressure onto the tubing
independent of the tubing diameter, material and
its condition

• the pumping conditions are defined and
at any time

• the occlusion remains correct during the whole
service life of the tubing

no occlusion resetting is required

• optimum long-term channel-to-channel conformity

ideal for long-term and unattended


• this type of cassette must not be used with
the tubing Tygon MH 2075
(use cassette with the pressure lever)

not recommended for differential pressures
above 1 bar / 14.5 psi

• heavily varying differential pressure conditions
may influence the flow rate

Cassettes with Pressure Lever

CA cassettes with pressure lever


• the adjustable occlusion lever allows an
individual pressure setting for each channel

• due to the various tube sizes, wall thicknesses
and materials available, an optimally adjusted
occlusion lever may offer advantages in
comparison to the Click'n'go cassette

• for certain operating conditions, such as
varying and/or elevated differential pressure
conditions, this type of cassette may have
advantages over the Click'n'go cassette

• preferably used for very hard tubing material,
e.g. Tygon MH 2075


• the pressure lever must be individually set
on each channel

• for constant flow-rates it may be necessary
to readjust the pressure setting at regular

• the occlusion can be over-tightened if the
lever is incorrectly set

• an over-tightened tube pressure shortens the
service-life of the tubing

• the pressure lever should NOT be used for
flow-rate adjustments
. Such a "calibration" can
be instable and result in a shorter tubing life.


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