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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Cultivation of bacteria at constant cell concentration


When cultivating bacteria in culture vessels, the growth of bacteria is usually reduced after some time. The depletion of nutrients and the enrichment of toxic substances usually enable cultivation only over a short time. A bacterial culture can be cultivated indefinitely at constant quality by adding exact volumes of fresh nutrients and permanent harvesting of excessive culture volume..


The company biotronix uses its own online photometer EloCheck for controlling our REGLO Analog pump. Since sterile medium is pumped, all tubing and feed lines must be sterilized at 121°C before the cultivating process is started.

(For the use of the analog output and the schematic diagram of all fluidics, refer to:

Technical data
Pump type REGLO Analog MS-2/08
Flow rate Flow rate variable, 0 - 25 ml/hour
or 0 – 0.5 ml/min, each with 100 ml culture
Number of pump channels 2
Tubing used Silicone, inner diameter 2 mm
Liquid / Medium Sterile nutrient
Type of liquid Aqueous

Solids in medium


Pumping function

Controlled flow rate


No problem

Physical conditions

  • No differential pressure
  • No system pressure
  • No vacuum
  • Suction height max. 30 cm
  • Room temperature
  • No viscosity
  • Programming


    Remote control

    Speed control via analog interface


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