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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Infusions and Irrigations


In veterinary clinics peristaltic pumps are used for quick and uncomplicated use on animals. The usual applications are infusions and irrigations.

The following applications are possible:

  • Infusions
      - for administering pharmaceuticals
    - for dehydrogenation after transports
    or high performance
    - for colic treatment
  • Irrigations
      - wound irrigation
    - joint irrigation
    - equine paranasal sinuses irrigation

    These applications are not restricted to large animals.

    ISMATEC also offers small pumps (for low flow rates) and small ID tubing for treatment on small animals.

    Technical specifications
    Pump type Ecoline VC-380
    Flow rate Variable, from 10 to 5'000 ml/min, depending on the animal and application
    Number of pump channels 1
    Tubing used Tygon ST (standard tubing)
    Liquid / Medium Depending on the application.
    Medicated NaCl-solution for infusions or aqueous media for lavages.
    Type of liquid aqueous

    Solids in medium


    Pumping function

    Continuous pumping


    No problem

    Physical conditions

  • No differential pressure
  • No system pressure
  • No vacuum
  • Suction height up to 1.5 m (5 feet)
    - depending on application
  • Ambient temperture
  • No viscosity
  • Programming


    Remote control

    Remote control is not necessary


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