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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
MCP-Z Process
MCP-Z Process
Order No. (for drive only)
ISM 918
Operating panel
Operating panel MCP-Z Process
dispensing pump system
"washdown" drive
> Operating Manual (PDF)
Interchangeable pump-heads
Gear pump-heads
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Cavity style pumpheads
Suction Shoe style pumpheads
Flow rates 1 – 7020 ml/min (depending on mounted pump-head)
Operating panel- 7-button membrane key-pad
- LED display
Program memories 4
(similar to PLC)
4 individual programs (command sequences) created in a PC can be stored in the pump. The user can run the programs using the pump as a stand-alone unit.
Operating modes

- pumping by drive speed (rpm)
- pumping by flow rate (ml/min)
- dispensing by volume (ml)
- dispensing by time (0.1s up to 999hrs)
- dispensing by volume within a pre-set time
- interval dispensing by volume with a pause
- interval dispensing by time with a pause
- setting the number of dispensing cycles
- pause time setting (from 0.1s up to 999hrs)

Calibrating functions- for flow rate (ml/min)
- for dispensing volume (ml)
Motor speed60 – 6000 rpm
Speed settingdigital speed setting (resolution 1 rpm)
Speed controlclosed loop control for pressure independent speed
RS232 interfaces- RS232 "in"    - for operation controlling via PC
- RS232 "out" - for cascading up to 8 pumps
Analog inputSpeed control (0–5 or 0–10V / 0–20 or 4–20mA)
Analog outputSpeed monitoring (0–10VDC or 0–12 kHz)
Digital input (TTL level)Start/Stop, autostart, 2 universal inputs
Differential pressure max. 5.2 bar / 75.4 psi (depending on pump-head)
Motor typeDC motor
Power consumption150 W
Power supply 100 – 230 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz
Protection ratingIP 65
Depth / Width / Height260 x 160 x 262 mm (10 ΒΌ" x 6 1/3" x 10 1/3")
Weight6.9 kg (16 lb)
Accessories - Progedit software (free download)
- Driver for "LabView" software (free download)

- Foot switch
Special characteristics The rotation direction of Ismatec gear pumps is not reversible !
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