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Ismatec is part of the product
line of Cole-Parmer.
Products Overview
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ecoline VC-280Flowrates:
1 µl/min up to 13 l/min
1-40 channels
Clich'n go CassettesFoot switch, cassettes (cartridges), tube connectors, interchangeable rotors, valve unit, pressure control, software
MCP-Z StandardFlowrates:
1 ml/min up to 7 l/min
for pulseless fluid delivery
up to 6 bar differential pressure
ecoline VC-280Standard tubing, tubing with stoppers for cassettes
Reglo CPFValveless rotary piston
Flowrates: 25 µl/min - 2.3 l/min
ideal for corrosive media
up to 6.9 bar differential pressure
OEM Panel Mounted PumpsOverview of ISMATEC's OEM and Panel-Mounted Pumps.
Single and multi-channel pumps.
Peristaltic, gear and piston pumps.

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