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line of Cole-Parmer.

Low Flow Kit for pump-heads
with stainless steel casing

Low Flow Kit R479

Low Flow Kit R479
recommended for flow rates below 50 ml/min

FMI Code R479 Order No. FMI 056

This Low Flow Kit fits on the following FMI pumpheads:
- Q0.SSY
- Q1.CSC / Q1.CSY / Q1.SSY
Q2.CSC / Q2.CSY / Q2.SSY

PTFE tubing for Low Flow Kit R 479
PTFE tubing
- 1.6 mm i.d. / 3.2 mm a.d.
- 1/16 " i.d. / 1/8" o.d..
- with 2 fittings ΒΌ–28 (male)
- 0.25 m (0.82 feet) long
- 0.50 m (1.64 feet) long
- 0.75 m (2.46 feet) long
- 1.00 m (3.28 feet) long
IC 0053
IC 0057
IC 0061
IC 0065

This PTFE adaptor kit is designed for stainless steel (SS316) pump-heads that are used in low flowapplications (below 50 ml/min) where minimum system dead volume and maximum chemical inertness is required.

This kit provides 1/4–28 internal machine threads that are used with low flow tube fittings for small bore tubing of 1/8" o.d. or less. Particularly useful in chromatography applications.
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