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MCP-CPF Process
with QP Q1.CSC-WT
Operating panel
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Ordering Information
MCP-CPF Process:
ISM 919
FMI 219
Pump-head QP Q1.CSC-WT
Flow rates0.13 – 576 ml/min
Stroke volume 12.8 – 320 µl (volume per rev.)
Revolutions per minute10.0 1800 rpm
Cylinder caseStainless steel SS316
Flow ports1/4 NPT (female)
Gland ports1/8 NPT (female)
Max. temperature177°C / 350°F
Max. differential pressure6.9 bar / 100 psi
- pump-head accessories
- software "Progedit" (with free download)
- foot switch
Special feature
Pump-head QP Q1.CSC-WT
Thanks to a barrier gland of fluid, gas, steam or whatever is needed, the pumped fluid can be isolated from the seal area and atmosphere. Slurries, particulates, crystal formers and anaerobics are easily handled. For heating this WT-type pump-head, 2 standard cartridge heaters (1/4" DIA x 1 1/2" DP holes) and a thermocouple (1/8" DIA x 1" DP)can be installed.
Tubing and plumbing
Tubing adaptors for main flow ports
- 2 stainless steel (SS316) adaptors
- thread 1/4 NPT (male)
- barb for tubing with 6.4 mm (¼") i.d., for flow rates under 500 ml/min
- or for tubing with 9.5 mm (3/8") i.d., for flow rates higher than 500 ml/min
Order No. FMI 060
Order No. FMI 074
Tubing adaptors for gland ports
- 2 stainless steel (SS316) adaptors
not included
Tubing for main flow ports (Tygon ST R-3603)
- 6.4 mm (¼") i.d., 15 m long
- 9.5 mm (3/8") i.d., 15 m long
Order No. MF 0031
Order No. SC 0383
Tubing for gland ports (Tygon ST R-3603)
- 3.2 mm (1/8") i.d.
Order No. MF 0030
Other tubing formulations
Optional items  
Low Flow Kit R 479
- for PTFE tubing 1.6 mm i.d./3.2. mm o.d.
- recommended for flow rates <50 ml/min
see pump-head accessories

QP Q1 pump-heads
MCP-CPF Process drive
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