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3-stop tubing Overview ISMATEC 2-stop color-coded tubing
ID 2-stop tubing requires extentsion tubing, both on the suction and discharge side!
For more information about tubing dimensions, specifications, etc., click on the name of the tubing below!
ID mm Color Codes Tygon
0.13 orange-black SC0188                  
0.19 orange-red SC0001                  
0.25 orange-blue SC0002   SC0320 SC0740*) SC0156          
0.27 orange-blue   SC0414                
0.38 orange-green SC0003 SC0415 SC0321   SC0157 SC0716 SC0814      
0.44 green-yellow SC0004                  
0.48 orange-yellow   SC0416                
0.51 orange-yellow SC0005   SC0322 SC0741*) SC0158     SC0620   SC0132
0.57 white-yellow SC0006                  
0.64 orange-white SC0007 SC0417 SC0323   SC0159   SC0816 SC0621 SC0092 SC0133
0.76 black-black SC0008 SC0418 SC0324   SC0160 SC0717   SC0622 SC0093 SC0134
0.89 orange-orange SC0009 SC0419 SC0325 SC0742*) SC0161     SC0623 SC0094 SC0135
0.95 white-black SC0010                  
1.02 white-white SC0011 SC0420 SC0326 SC0747*) SC0162   SC0818 SC0624 SC0095 SC0136
1.09 white-red SC0012                  
1.14 red-red SC0013 SC0421 SC0327   SC0163 SC0718   SC0625 SC0096 SC0137
1.22 red-grey SC0014                  
1.25 grey-grey   SC0422                
1.30 grey-grey SC0015   SC0328 SC0743*) SC0164     SC0626 SC0097 SC0138
1.37 yellow-yellow   SC0423                
1.42 yellow-yellow SC0016   SC0329   SC0165     SC0627 SC0098 SC0139
1.52 yellow-blue SC0017 SC0424 SC0330 SC0744*) SC0166 SC0719 SC0820 SC0628 SC0099 SC0140
1.53 yellow-blue                    
1.60 blue-blue   SC0425                
1.65 blue-blue SC0018   SC0331   SC0167     SC0629 SC0100 SC0141
1.75 blue-green SC0019                  
1.85 green-green SC0020 SC0426 SC0332   SC0168     SC0630 SC0101 SC0142
2.06 purple-purple SC0021 SC0427 SC0333 SC0745*) SC0169 SC0720 SC0822 SC0631 SC0102 SC0143
2.20 purple-black   SC0428                
2.29 purple-black SC0022   SC0334   SC0170     SC0632 SC0103 SC0144
2.54 purple-orange SC0023   SC0335   SC0171     SC0633 SC0104 SC0145
2.62 purple-orange   SC0429                
2.79 purple-white SC0024 SC0430 SC0336 SC0746*) SC0172 SC0721 SC0824 SC0634 SC0105 SC0146
3.17 black-white SC0222                  
Tube length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 381 mm 381 mm 400 mm 400 mm 180 mm
Pack size 12 pces. 12 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 12 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 6 pces. 12 pces.

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