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GORE™ Style 100CR

Less than 10% volume swell when subjected to solvents

Immersion test according to ASTM D471-95

Manufacturers recommend tubes that have less than 10% volume swell for acceptable operation in peristaltic pumps in chemical service.

While other fluoroelastomer tubing will swell over 300% when subjected to solvents such as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and tetrahydrofuran, ASTM D471-95 immersion tests show that GORE™ Style 100CR Peristaltic Pump Tubes experience negligible swelling in a wide range of solvents. These tests clearly show that GORE™ Style 100CR tubes are superior to other fluoroelastomer tubing.

Style 100CR is the new name for the former CHEM-SURE® tubing. The material composition remains unchanged.

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