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GORE™ Style 100 Tubing

Superior toughness reduces risk of filter plugging

Spallation debris collected onto a microporous filter membrane after recirculating water for 48 hours through TPE tubing (left) and GORE™ Style 100 tube (right). The thermoplastic elastomer tube produced particles of rubber, inorganic filler, and plasticizer.

The exceptional toughness of the composite structure of the new GORE™ Style 100 peristaltic pump tube provides superior resistance to cracking, and subsequent spallation is virtually eliminated. This means that the risk of filter plugging can be significantly reduced without sacrificing pump tube life.


  • Process streams stay cleaner
  • Reduces filtration requirements
  • Increases throughput
  • Increases efficiency
  • Reduces downtime

Style 100 is the new name for the former STA-PURE® tubing. The material composition remains unchanged.


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